Release will be delayed due to batoto closure etc. Also, I am dropping PHP 5.6 support. I'm really sorry but there's just too many reasons to do so


Why rewrite FoolSlide from scratch? I admire the work of the original developers, but CodeIgniter 2 is just not made for 2017. It's reliance on PHP 5 and outdated libraries is holding me back from being able to add new features. If you look at how desperately I've been trying to update the dependencies in v2.4.0 (which is obviously failing to work properly), you would understand that it's causing more pain than good. This is why I've decided to rewrite it, this time with the latest Laravel version. Development might be a little slow because I am not familiar with Laravel (or PHP frameworks in general lol) and because of school, but it will be done! Features (which will ported as best as possible from FoolSlide2) will include:


Very important aspect, will have optional 2FA support along with minimum length password requirements, and try not to commit any blunders!

Ease of use

Will provide video tutorials once it's out.


I'm sick and tired of manga aggregators that pound your server with requests for 'muh latest chapter' and rip the pics in crap quality. To take care of that, I'm implementing image protection which I hope will greatly slow them down and make their lives painful.


That's a big thing I want to improve. The original codebase is heavily querying the database, and that will change. You will be able to use Memcached, Redis, APC, or fall back to files for caching, reducing the # of database queries on cached pages to 0

Social integration

Along with other various improvements, the much requested Disqus integration will be added. No Facebook comments, I don't like them, you can DIY. Comments options:


I know how painful it is to write scrapers and crawlers because APIs don't exist, so improving the API will be an important part of FsX. If you need something you don't think I would think of, shoot away.




Migrating from FoOlSlide/FoOlSlide2 should be as easy as possible. I'm not quite sure how I am going to do this, but goal is you copy your content folder, and have the option for a migration interface during setup, which uses the same database and migrates the tables to the new version.

Progress table

Feature Status
Tags/genres Pretty much done
Disqus Integration In Progress
API In Progress
JS fallback So far, so good
Advanced search In Progress
Caching So far, so good. 0 DB queries on warm cached reader page
Protection In Progress, working on stuff related to this
Easy Mode In Progress
2FA In Progress
Import as ZIP Probably have an option between this and individual imgs
Easy migration from Fs/Fs2 In Progress. Getting farther away from Foolslide1/2's schema...
New themes More progress
LOGO My attempts are pitiful, someone pls help

Supported software/OS

Haven't tested on all this yet, but this is what I will "guarantee" support for. Bold indicates recommended items. If you think something is missing, tell me. As for hardware, that largely depends on your traffic, obviously the goal is that FsX use the minimum resources possible.

Category Supported ware
OS Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows 7-10+/Server 2012-2016+
Webserver Nginx, Apache, Caddy, IIS
PHP (Laravel 5.6) 7.0, 7.1
Database (Eloquent) MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server
Caching Memcached, Redis, APC, Database, File
Web Browser Will depend on the theme

Some screenshots

Last update: 2018-02-18

ETA: Early 2018. Anyone who wants to help is welcome to contact me! Feature requests (and raging) in the comments below.

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