Why rewrite FoolSlide from scratch? I admire the work of the original developers, but CodeIgniter 2 is just not made for 2017. It's reliance on PHP 5 and outdated libraries is holding me back from being able to add new features. If you look at how desperately I've been trying to update the dependencies in v2.4.0 (which is obviously failing to work properly), you would understand that it's causing more pain than good. This is why I've decided to rewrite it, this time with the latest Laravel version. Development might be a little slow because I am not familiar with Laravel (or PHP frameworks in general lol) and because of school, but it will be done! Features (which will ported as best as possible from FoolSlide2) will include:

ETA: End of 2017. Anyone who wants to help is welcome to contact me! Feature requests (and raging) in the comments below.

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